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Our processes

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The first step of the production process is the extrusion of the polyethylene granular raw material, at high or low density to obtain film rolls.

The granules are taken from storage silos through special automatic systems and are sent to extrusion lines that produce monolayer and multilayer films.
The films are suitable for any packaging requirements and offer the needed slipperiness on the automatic machines, an excellent sealing even at high speed and a very good resistance to low temperatures.



In the printing department flexographic and rotogravure printings are made with the most advanced technologies.

Thanks to our continuous attention to technological innovations and constant investments we can meet our customers’ requirements with the utmost flexibility.

The experience gained with time, enables our company to offer a complete service for the elaboration of the packaging printing: from the planning of the graphic to the production of the clichés.



In the lamination process, films are obtained gluing together 2 foils with different characteristics.

Through this process we may add together the advantages of the single foil, overcoming the limitations of each.

Renato Lusa may supply both, solvent and solvent less laminated films.



In this department, the film is cut and welded, to tailor bags and sacks, responding to all customer single needs, for both automatic and hand packaging.