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Discover our production

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    PE-PP Bags

    Bags on roll, folded or presealed for automatic packaging of apples, carrots, potatoes.

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    PE-PP Covers

    PE – PP covers for plastic, wood and carton crates, personalized, punched or not, for the packaging of fruit, vegetables and citrus products.

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    Material for the palletization

    Sealable and manual strap, woven, estruded, automatic and manual pallet net, automatic or manual stretch film, seals, strap tightener and strap holder carriage.

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    Meat, Sausages and Cheese

    In the production of flexible packaging for meat, sausages and cheese, barrier properties are fundamental to ensure long-term maintenance and protection of the packed products.

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    Confectionery Industry

    The experience gained in recent years in the packaging for confectionery products field, has allowed Renato Lusa to enforce production processes which allow a more efficient just in time service taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the single operators in the sector.

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    Snack and Bakery

    Renato Lusa srl has applied the knowledge and techniques acquired in many years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, also to the packaging of snacks and baked goods, achieving excellent results.

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    Frozen products

    The experience gained in the field of packaging for frozen products has allowed Renato Lusa to develop manufacturing processes that offer the most innovative and advanced solutions for every need, of all players including supermarkets.